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EXT450 Salt Shield is an extra service car wash product that protects your customers’ vehicles all year long

Salt Shield® is the extra service that your customers will buy if they know the facts about road salt.

According to a 2016 AAA survey:

  • 70% of U.S. drivers wither currently live, or in the past five years have lived, in a winter climate region.
  • 15% of U.S. drivers living in winter climate regions had to get their vehicle repaired at least once because of rust damage caused by salt and other chemicals used to melt snow and ice on roadways.
  • On an annual basis, rust-related damage is estimated to cost U.S. drivers more than $3 billion.

But wait – that’s not the full story. Do you know that dust suppressants use the same salts found in winter deicers?

  • Dust suppressants are used on unimproved roads, construction sites, vacant lots, agricultural roads, industrial facilities and more for health and safety reasons.
  • Salt + moisture on the surface of the vehicle = CORROSION
  • Salt Shield is a specially formulated low pH detergent that will clean and neutralize salt.
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Salt Shield 360 Vortex Arch

EXT450 Salt Shield can be easily incorporated in all type of vehicle wash operations. Salt Shield can be used at the beginning of the wash as a presoak to ensure removal of salts and as a final underbody spray for additional protection. Salt Shield is typically applied at the rate of 1.5 to 2.0 ounces per vehicle. Salt Shield is environmentally friendly and reclaim compatible.

Salt Shield’s protective qualities extends beyond cleaning and neutralizing salt. Used regularly, Salt Shield will reduce the ability of salts to reach the vehicle surface and can remove some surface rust on the vehicle.

How does vehicle corrosion occur?

Vehicles driven on roads treated with deicers and dust suppressants, as well as coastal areas are all exposed to salts. These salts attract moisture from the air and are then dissolved. The dissolved salts increase water conductivity, making an electrolyte solution. Much in the same way an electrolyte in a battery facilitates the movement of electrons from one electrode to another, immersing any metal in an electrolyte solution speeds up the movement of electrons and the process of corrosion.

Humid conditions such as parking a car in a warm garage after driving through treated roads or natural climate conditions create optimal conditions for corrosion to occur. Repeated exposure to salt will accelerate corrosion on compromised vehicle surfaces (existing rust spots and imperfections in the clear coat).

Vehicle without Salt Shield

Without Salt Shield – salt crystals will attack preformed rust spots and create new rust spots.

Vehicle with Salt Shield

With Salt Shield – the salt crystals will attack the sacrificial coating created by Salt Shield.

Don’t all detergents clean and neutralize salts?

No! In an independent laboratory test, Salt Shield proved to clean and neutralize salt better. The photo below shows how Salt Shield effectively neutralizes salt, evidenced by the clear solution. The neutral and alkaline detergents leave behind salts. In the carwash, inadequate cleaning will leave your customers’ vehicles susceptible to corrosion.

salt shield neutralizes salt

How do I let my customers know that I offer Salt Shield?

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