Salt Shield® helps stop truck and large vehicle corrosion

Ver-tech Lab’s Salt Shield® was formulated to protect your vehicle from the damaging effects of Road Salts, Deicers and Dust Suppressants. Salt Shield offers two layers of defense against corrosive road salt chemicals.

  • Salt Shield is a detergent that will clean and neutralize road salts and deicers from the chassis and wiring on the underside of your vehicle. Salt Shield removes sodium, calcium, and magnesium chloride deicer salts. Salt Shield is effective even when winter road salts are mixed with carriers like cheese brine and sugar beet juice. By removing and neutralizing the road salts, road salt damage to your is prevented.
  • Salt Shield includes chemicals reactive on exposed iron and steel surfaces to provide a barrier film. This protective film prevents sodium, calcium, and magnesium chlorides from corroding iron and steel surfaces. Salt Shield’s protective film grows every time you apply it, increasing the amount of protection from those damaging road salts.
Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need Salt Shield only in the winter. Did you know that the main ingredient in dust suppressants is CALCIUM CHLORIDE?? Dust suppressants are used around construction sites to keep the dust down – and in particular – highway construction sites for safety reasons. Dust suppressants are also sprayed on many rural roads to ensure that dust does not harm the crops.