clean reclaim water

Use Ver-tech Labs water saving formulations for cleaner cars, a cleaner facility and an odor free carwash reclaim system.

Recycling water is a sustainable, environmentally-friendly practice to meet your carwash’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to access clean water. Using a water reclaim system is becoming a requirement in carwashing throughout the United States.

Are you using the right chemicals to optimize your reclaim system? The chemical components used in the wash end products of the car wash are quite different from those in the wax end. So different that the chemical components are incompatible, creating insoluble (unable to be dissolved in water) deposits. The deposits formed within the recycling system become a prime spot for odor causing bacteria. Reclaim systems using non-reclaim compatible chemicals will be characterized by odor, dirty recycled water, dirty equipment, dirty walls and mechanical problems. The ability of the system to effectively clean water to be reused is also limited. The end result might be applying ‘dirty’ water in the wash that will affect the overall cleaning process. The wrong chemicals will create an unpleasant environment for customers and employees. Your reclaim system could be driving customers away and compromising employee retention.


Using Ver-tech Labs reclaim compatible chemicals throughout the car wash ensures the quality of recycled water will help you to clean better. Our reclaim compatible products are formulated to work together and maintain a free flowing environment that lets your system work. No extra additives needed, no noxious odors and cleaner reuse water. Car washes that switch to our reclaim compatible products notice a significant improvement in odors within 48 hours and almost all reclaim odors eliminated within one week.

The lack of water, extended drought conditions, rising water costs and water regulations is the new normal. Without water conservation, community economic development will be limited. Less residential and commercial development translates into fewer customers for your car wash. We all know that using less water is the most practical and environment-friendly approach for water conservation. With a water reclaim system and Ver-tech Labs reclaim compatible chemicals, your car wash will effectively recycle thousands of gallons of wastewater. Not only will you have incredibly clean cars and a cleaner facility, you will save water, lower water costs and make a positive impact on the environment.

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