Why choose Ver-tech Labs as your commercial car wash chemical supplier?

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Whether you need to wash a fleet of vehicles or one truck, Ver-tech Labs can help you. Contact us today at 877.866.9742 or information@ver-techlabs.com

Since 1981, Ver-tech Labs has provided innovative transportation and industrial cleaning solutions.

At Ver-tech Labs we take pride in the success of our customers. We use a two pronged approach to clean cars better and increase profitability.

It may be an old fashioned approach to car washing, but the Ver-tech Labs combination of next generation products and an experienced, professional sales force produces cars with the “WOW” factor. Choose a chemical supplier who is interested in your success, and clean better at the right price. Choose Ver-tech Labs.

1. Ver-tech Labs manufactures a complete line of professional car care products.

low and high pH presoaks, foam detergents, drying agents, triple foams, clear coat sealers and protectants, tire and wheel cleaners that are the best in the industry. Our products incorporate the latest technology in surfactant chemistry to allow for Total Road Film Removal. Our products are reclaim compatible, environmentally friendly and priced so our customers make money.

2. Ver-tech Labs has a sales force with unmatched chemical application expertise.

Our sales force uses a professional and scientific approach to help our customers wash cars better. The Ver-tech Labs team works with commercial car wash owners and operators in the field to solve problems and produce clean, shiny and dry cars.

It’s no surprise that Ver-tech Labs has one of the largest sales forces in the industry. We have dedicated professionals with over 250 combined years of experience in the car wash industry, selling some of the best car wash soap, wax and detergents. These individuals work with our business partners in the field to solve cleaning and drying problems, make recommendations about equipment, and keep you apprised of the latest trends in the car wash industry. Supporting the sales professionals is our team of three chemists who continually evaluate product performance in the field.

Located in Rockford, Minnesota, our 72,000 square feet facility houses a variety of liquid mixing tanks, powder blenders and nine shipping and receiving docks. We deliver high quality chemicals and solutions throughout the continental United States. We are committed to environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes by carefully selecting raw materials, waste water reduction, chemical recycling and container recycling.

If you are passionate about producing Cleaner, Brighter and Better Cars, Ver-tech Labs is the right choice as your car wash chemicals provider.