Looking to work with an innovative chemical manufacturer? At Ver-tech Labs we want individuals who think a little differently and are passionate about what they do.

Hiring Car Wash Chemical Sales Representatives NOW

Ver-tech Labs is looking for Carwash Chemicals Sales Representatives in Illinois (Chicago area) and North/South Carolina.  Primary duties are the acquisition and maintenance of carwash chemical customers. Carwash industry experience (e.g. carwash management, previous carwash chemical sales) is preferred but not a requirement. Candidates should have a good work ethic, energy, relationship building skills and excellent written/oral communication skills.

Join the Ver-tech Labs team – we combine innovative, high performing products with customer-centric service. Our business philosophy is to do what’s right for our customers – we partner with car wash owners and help them to be successful. You will work with experienced industry sales managers and have the full support of a chemistry/manufacturing organization based in Rockford, Minnesota.

Ver-tech Labs offers competitive compensation packages, health benefits and a 401K plan. Interested individuals should send a cover letter and current resume to Lori Vertin, lvertin@ver-techlabs.com.

Posted 6.2.2020

Working at Ver-tech Labs

Every company has its own style of doing business. A few years ago, in preparation for the annual VTL sales meeting, Tony wrote down his guiding principles for Ver-tech Labs team members and it remains true today. Everyday at Ver-tech Labs we all strive to work with these principles in mind.

Integrity – We will conduct all of our business transactions with integrity. We stand by our word and decisions. As a corollary, we will not do business with unethical people or unethical customers. If I am uncomfortable with the customer or business partner we will not do business with him. I have learned in my professional life the cost of doing business with unethical organizations far exceeds the profitability.

Customer Focus – Our mission is to help our customers grow their business and improve their profitability. We will provide the customer products and services that will most improve their business. I believe that whatever product is the best value for the customer is the most profitable choice for VTL and the individual salesman.

Innovation – We must be innovative in all aspects of our business-technology, marketing, manufacturing and distribution. We should be always looking for better and less expensive technology for our customers. Innovation is everyone’s responsibility. We should be constantly trying new products and processes to see if we can provide a better solution for the customer.

Professional Excellence – Our goal at Ver-tech Labs is to be the industry leader. We will have the best products and the best sales force in the industry. Our professional demeanor and customer interactions need to set us apart from our competitors.

Initiative – I expect people to take the initiative in everything they do. I trust each of you to make decisions or take actions that are in the best interest of our company. In general, I have always found it easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

Teamwork – Everyone at VTL is an integral part of our team. In order to be successful, all of us need to work together and support each other towards a common goal.

Swing for the Fences – Using a baseball analogy, we need to hit singles and doubles every day. However, if we are to be truly successful, I would like everyone, including myself, to swing for the fences at least once per week.

Have Fun – Life is too short to be miserable at your job. I try to create a fun and challenging workplace. I cannot mandate that you have fun because that is intrinsic to the individual, but I like working with people who are passionate and enjoy their job and co-workers.

Tony Vertin, CEO, Ver-tech Labs