Meet the Vehicle Wash Experts of Carwashing and Truckwashing

The Ver-tech Labs team works hard to ensure you are successful. In the field, our sales representatives are not just a pretty face dropping off a brochure in your office. Our team members are in your chemical rooms titrating products, examining your equipment and reviewing your inventory. They are in your car wash watching how our chemicals perform and how the equipment is working with our chemicals. It’s not a five minute visit. We take the time to see if there is anything we can improve and leave you with a service report. We’re always happy to talk to you about signage, marketing promotion ideas, new products, cleaning your facility, and much more. Do you have a problem with something? Ask us, we’re vehicle wash experts and ready to help you.

You’ll be glad to know that everyone at Ver-tech Labs has an active hand in cleaning. We make sure our chemistry team knows how to wash all kinds of vehicles, inside and out. Our products are regularly tested by staff members on their company and personal vehicles for initial anecdotal evaluation. Based on our knowledge what’s on the shelves of auto care stores and the cleaning ability of car washes not using our chemicals – Ver-tech Labs products and Ver-tech Labs supplied car washes is our choice.

Ver-tech Labs’ commitment to the customer means you will find us in the field and exploring new ideas in the industry. We regularly have team members meet with your specific sales representative at your site to share their expertise. It’s not uncommon to have the chief operations officer, chemist, plant manager or marketing support on site to find ways to help you. Our staff attends trade shows related to industrial cleaning, process cleaning and packaging to find new methods and equipment for cleaning. Equipment upgrades in our plant ensure higher quality production, faster production increasing our efficiency. Our upgrades translates directly in keeping our production costs down to save you money.

The Ver-tech Labs team is ready to partner with you to make your business more successful and profitable. Partner with Ver-tech Labs today.

Ver-tech Labs Leadership Team

Tony Vertin