Alkaline (High pH) Products

  • Alkaline (high pH) products are a good choice for either one-step touchless cleaning or the second step of two-step cleaning.
  • 99% of vehicles can be cleaned with HEL100 Hellcat or THU100 Thunderbolt
  • Two-step touchless cleaning provides the best cleaning results. Choose one of Ver-tech Labs acid (low pH) products to pair with alkaline products.
  • Alkaline products target dirt, grime, oils, grease and organic soils.
  • Use a “metal safe” product when cleaning vehicles and equipment with polished metal and /or soft metal components.
  • Caustic products can  damage polished and soft metals if not used correctly. The best use of caustic products is for cleaning work trucks with organic soils (e.g. garbage trucks).
  • All alkaline products work best in soft, hot water (110 F).
  • Proper dilution of detergents is essential for touchless cleaning.

Quick Look at Alkaline Products for
Large Vehicle, Equipment and Truck Washing

Reclaim compatible product are optimized for use in water recycling systems.

ProductMetal SafeReclaim CompatibleGreenSizesSDS
HEL100 Hellcat - High pH detergent for truck washing X X X 5, 30, 55, 250 SDS
THU100 Thunderbolt X X X 5, 15, 30, 55, 250 SDS
GRE100 Green Lightning - Truckwash X X X 5, 55, 250 SDS
DOU100 Double Duty X X X 5, 55 SDS
EXT372 Bug-Be-Gone X X X 5, 15, 30, 55 SDS
  • Most concentrated, metal safe product
  • Use as a one-step touchless cleaner or second step of two-step touchless cleaning
  • Great choice for use in automated truckwashes
  • Works in hard water conditions (soft water will still give best results)
  • Premium product

  • Top selling high pH product for large vehicle, truck and equipment wash
  • Versatile, excellent cleaner and degreaser
  • Metal safe
  • Use as a one-step touchless cleaner or second step of two-step touchless cleaning
  • Competitively priced
  • Economical truck wash soap best used with a brush
  • Dilute 1:10 or stronger for touchless cleaning
  • Metal safe
  • Light duty truck wash soap
  • An excellent debugger, may actually dry on the surface and go back into solution
  • Can be applied to hot vehicle surfaces without damaging paint or metal
  • May require some brushing, not for touchless cleaning
  • Metal safe

  • Spray on windshield, grill, mirrors and other surfaces with insect residue prior to washing with other VTL products
  • Softens and removes bugs and light soils
  • Will not damage vehicle surfaces if it dries on a hot vehicle
  • Metal safe