Alkaline (High pH) Products

  • Alkaline (high pH) products are a good choice for either one-step touchless cleaning or the second step of two-step cleaning.
  • 99% of vehicles can be cleaned with HEL100 Hellcat or THU100 Thunderbolt
  • Two-step touchless cleaning provides the best cleaning results. Choose one of Ver-tech Labs acid (low pH) products to pair with alkaline products.
  • Alkaline products target dirt, grime, oils, grease and organic soils.
  • Use a “metal safe” product when cleaning vehicles and equipment with polished metal and /or soft metal components.
  • Caustic products can  damage polished and soft metals if not used correctly. The best use of caustic products is for cleaning work trucks with organic soils (e.g. garbage trucks).
  • All alkaline products work best in soft, hot water (110 F).
  • Proper dilution of detergents is essential for touchless cleaning.