Acid (Low pH) Products

  • Acid (low pH) products have two functions:
    • Use to remove inorganic soils, dirt metals and hard water scale
    • Use to clean glass and brighten metals by removing oxidation
  • Two-step cleaning provides the best cleaning results. Low pH products will not completely clean equipment and vehicles on their own. Use with a Ver-tech Labs high pH product.
  • Our low pH products target different types of soils and will work better in different geographic areas. Ask your chemical representative on the product best suited for your cleaning conditions.

Quick Look at Acid Products for
Large Vehicle, Equipment and Truck Washing

ProductMetal SafeReclaim CompatibleGreenSizesSDS
EXT427 Sapper - Low pH Presoak X X X 5, 30 SDS
EXT430 Vision X X X 5, 15, 30, 55 SDS
EXT470 Lightning X X 5, 30, 55 SDS
STR500 Stryker X X 5, 55 SDS
CIT110 Citric Clean X X 5, 55, 250 SDS
SUP110 Alumalite X 5, 55 SDS
SUP120 Alumalite Super X 5, 55 SDS
EXT429 Foamy Vision X X X 5,15,30,55 SDS
  • low ph
  • colorless liquid
  • fresh scent
  • metal safe
  • formulated for Step 1 of Two-step touchless cleaning
  • Step 1 of two-step cleaning
  • Metal safe
  • Removes lignin based soils that yellow trailers
  • Recommend use with Hellcat or Thunderbolt
  • Step 1 of two-step cleaning
  • NOT metal safe
  • Safer alternative for HF
  • Great for restoring tankers
  • Other than Alumalite/Alumalite Super, our best product for removing oxidation
  • Step 1 of two-step cleaning
  • NOT metal safe
  • Excellent alternative for HF
  • Low foam product for reclaim systems
  • Good on glass and chrome surfaces
  • Step 1 of two-step cleaning
  • Most versatile low pH truck wash product
  • Metal safe on aluminum
  • Good brightener
  • Heavy duty cleaner
  • Recommend use with Hellcat or Thunderbolt
  • Step 1 of two-step cleaning
  • Contains HF and Sulfuric Acid
  • Use to clean up aluminum rails
  • Use on older trucks without polished aluminum
  • NOT metal safe