How to clean a Tanker Truck

Two-Step Touchless cleaning is the best method to clean a tanker truck. The low pH (acid) product will brighten the metal, while the high pH (alkaline) product attacks dirt, grease and oils.

Two-Step Touchless Cleaning:

  • Clean your tanker from front to back and in small vertical sections (8-10 feet wide)
    • you may want to clean your tractor first
    • clean the tanker portion from front to back in small sections
  • Step 1: Apply a low pH (acid) detergent to the vehicle surface using a Foam Maxx foamer
    • When applying the chemical, foam it on from the bottom of the vehicle to the top of the vehicle
  • Step 2: Apply a high pH (alkaline) detergent directly on top of the low pH (acid) detergent)
  • Step 3: Allow for a short dwell time 30-45 seconds
    • Do not allow the chemical to dry on the surface
  • Step 4: Use warm water (90°F – 100°F) for your high pressure rinse and rinse the vehicle section from top to bottom
    • Maintain your high pressure nozzle within 18 inches of the surface and a spray angle of 15° – 45°
  • Repeat Steps 1-4 until your tanker truck is clean. Dirty tankers will have a soft haze to their surface. Proper cleaning will reveal a shiny surface.
  • The best products to use for two-step cleaning are CIT110 Citric Clean for the first step and HEL100 Hellcat or THU100 Thunderbolt for the second step