EXT450 Salt Shield®

  • Environment-Friendly
  • Reclaim Compatible
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    • Low pH liquid detergent
    • Primary application road salt neutralizer
    • Concentrated
    • Heavy Duty
    • Metal safe
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Reclaim compatible
    • Specially formulated to remove road salts found in deicers and dust suppressants which lead to vehicle corrosion.
    • EXT450 Salt Shield on the underside of car, wheel wells, wheels and rocker panels more thoroughly neutralizes and removes magnesium chloride, calcium chloride and other types of road salts.
    • EXT450 Salt Shield also provides temporary protection against rust formation.

    EXT450 Salt Shield has been independently tested by an outside laboratory. Results confirm the effectiveness of Salt Shield in neutralizing the corrosive effects of road salts.

    Click here to read our full independent testing.