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Foam Detergents

Foam Detergents are aesthetically pleasing to the carwash customer and used in friction applications for increased lubricity (reduces friction between the cloth and the vehicle surface). All Ver-tech Labs foam detergents have been formulated to rinse easily and completely which prepares the surface for protectants and drying agents.

Our foam detergents come in scented and unscented versions. The latest BURST line of foam detergents deliver pleasing fragrance (berry, tropical, dreamsicle, citrus and cherry) in addition to an impressive foam show. The addition of lights to a foam detergent delivery system enhances the customer experience.

BURST products are easy to use and are reclaim compatible. Use BURST products to differentiate your carwash from your competitors.

The human brain always craves and enjoys something “new”. Scent is one of the strongest ways to make a new and positive impact. You may want to try our limited edition BURST products, watch for seasonal scents like Pumpkin Spice or Balsam Frost. These scents are available seasonally and in limited quantities. Do you have a number of washes and need a signature scent? You may be eligible for our custom fragrance line.

Talk to your Ver-tech Labs chemical representative or Ver-tech Labs distributor to put a customer pleasing application into your carwash. Remember, happy customers come back!

Enhance the season at your car wash with EXT192 – Balsam Frost Burst.

  • This limited edition foaming detergent will add seasonal fragrance with a high foam show.
  • Balsam Frost can be double drawn with other reclaim compatible products and used across a variety of equipment.
  • Looking to freshen up the interior? Dilute Balsam Frost into a spray bottl...

Tru Pearl Clean is an advanced cleaner that penetrates surface pores and imperfections to remove deep seated road grime, dirt and soils. Tru Pearl Clean leaves a pristine surface that will optimize the performance of Tru Pearl Shield and Tru Pearl Dry. The Tru Pearl layering protection system represents advanced formulation with ceramic technolo...

Tru Pearl High Foam is an additional product added to our Tru Pearl ceramic technology line. Tru Pearl High Foam uses the same advanced surfactants of Tru Pearl Clean with additional foam levels and surface conditioning.  Used with Tru Pearl Shield and Tru Pearl Dry, your carwash customers will enjoy exceptional shine and layered protection. TRU...

Pumpkin Spice Burst is a limited edition scented foaming detergent with multiple applications. It can be double drawn with other reclaim compatible products and used across a variety of equipment. Pumpkin Spice Burst can also be diluted to use as an air freshener. Available for a limited time only. Ask your Ver-tech Labs representative to order.