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Additional Products

Product Spotlight – EXT430 Vision Wall Cleaner While the products on this page may not be the “stars” of your carwash, they can make a huge impact on your carwash operations. We have laundry detergent for your towels; surface and degreasing products to keep your carwash shining. Carwash curb appeal is important. Dingy walls might be turning off some of your customers. EXT430 Vision is a safe, easy to use product that cleans all types of surfaces and is recommended for Extrutech walls. Check out how this vehicle wash easily cleaned their walls – you can do the same thing in your carwash!

VSS 1 Gallon Sanitizer

VSS130 is an EPA registered disinfectant product for commercial/industrial use.

  • The active ingredient in VSS130 is quaternary ammonium.
  • Sold in one gallon concentrate form.
  • One gallon concentrate will make 200 gallons of diluted ready-to-use solution.
  • Requires a contact time (time surface should remain wet) of 10 minutes or allowed to air dry c...
    • Create or boost color in products
    • use to create novel experiences for customers
  • Safe and effective equipment and car wash wall cleaner.
  • Clean walls, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, cloth and plastic.
  • Does not remove the sheen or etch the car wash walls.
  • Recommended for Extrutech walls.
  • Eliminates odors and algae.
  • strong wall cleaner
  • liquid
  • acrid odor
  • contains Sulfuric acid
  • multipurpose
  • targets dirt and oily stains
  • cherry scent
  • safe for use on rubber, glass, vinyl and dashboards
  • interior dressing
  • safe to use on all interior surfaces
  • tropical odor