My wife and I have an unusual hobby; we raise koi (ornamental carp). We were in Japan a few weeks ago visiting a koi farm and my wife complimented the breeder on the condition of his koi. Thousands of koi in multiple greenhouse ponds all looked healthy and vibrant. He responded, “thank you, we’re professionals.”

We’re professionals. That basically sums up the commitment needed to be successful in any business. How committed are you to your profession? Is your chemical supplier as committed of a car wash professional as you? At Ver-tech Labs, being professional is a commitment we make to our customers.

I believe people using a professional car wash want a clean car, for the lowest price. However, I also believe that car wash customers are willing to pay more for a wash with a noticeably cleaner look. What kind of wash quality are you striving to give to your customers? Maybe you are a car wash owner who is interested in “just clean” at the lowest operational cost. Maybe you are a car wash owner who is interested in putting out the cleanest car possible. In the long run, I believe the car wash owner with the professional ambition to put out the cleanest and shiniest car possible will be the most successful. His or her car wash will foster customer loyalty, referrals and repeat business.

I am always delighted to visit a car wash that has recently switched over to Ver-tech Labs products and hear comments from customers like “my car has been looking better lately.” Or speaking with car wash staff members who can see the difference between Ver-tech Labs products and their previous supplier’s products. This is an important point. Over and over, we work with car wash owners, managers and staff who finally see what a clean car can look like. No one wants to go back to the so-so clean car. Most have the spark of professionalism within them that gives them pride in the work they do. They have moved on from amateur car washing to professional car washing and are excited to see a cleaner difference.

The professional car wash is a place that employees are proud to come to work. A clean, well-lit facility contributes to employee attitude and customer satisfaction. We always recommend easy to use chemicals to keep car wash equipment, walls and windows clean. Car washes with reclaim systems often deal with noxious system odors. Using reclaim compatible car wash products can clear up odors and improve performance of the reclaim system. Most importantly, it creates a better working environment for your employees and customers.

While car wash chemicals may seem like a minor portion of your operating costs, partnering with a professional car wash chemical company is important to clean better. A professional car wash chemical company will advise you on the right mix of products for your site. There is no single chemical solution that applies to all conditions and washes in our country. Local water conditions, local soils and the type of equipment in use, all factor into an individualized solution for your site. Paying attention to the chemicals in use will directly affect your operational success. At Ver-tech Labs, our staff will help you determine the right mix of chemicals for your location.

How do you know if you are working with a professional car wash chemical company? Commitment to your success, helping you solve your cleaning challenges and continuous internal staff professional development are some key indicators. Can you answer yes to most of the following questions about your chemical provider?

• I can visit my chemical provider’s manufacturing facility.
• My chemical representative has direct consultative access to all other field representatives and the chemists.
• My chemical representative will invite other field representatives and chemists to my car wash site to observe wash operations and investigate cleaning challenges.
• I can contact the company’s CEO directly.
• I feel I am a valued customer.
• I can see the cleaner difference in cars using their products.
• I am washing more cars as a result of using their products.

At Ver-tech Labs, our aim is to have every customer answer yes to each of the statements above.

My goal is to ensure that Ver-tech Labs is a car wash chemical manufacturer that the car wash professional can partner with and succeed. Your success is our success. We should both have the goal of putting out the cleanest car possible. Turning out clean, bright cars is possible with Ver-tech Labs. We’re professionals. Let us prove it to you.