The Salt Gator is equipped with a unique chemical application feature and effectively flushes undercarriage dirt and debris. The three wheel assembly glides smoothly over rough, uneven surfaces and allows one handed operation. Salt Gator reduces cleaning time with a rotating stainless steel nozzle assembly that delivers a powerful 24” wide cleaning path. Salt Gator’s ergonomically designed handle allows the user to reach all parts of the undercarriage from one side of a vehicle with minimal bending. Use EXT 450 Salt Shield® with the Salt Gator to reduce the corrosive effects of magnesium chloride and calcium chloride commonly found in dust suppressants, road salts and deicers.


  • Easy to use
  • 24” wide cleaning path
  • Chemical application feature with metering tips
  • Maneuvers easily over rough, uneven surfaces
  • Extended handle allows user to clean a vehicle from one side
  • Ergonomically designed handle reduces awkward bending while cleaning
  • Typical clean and rinse process can be accomplished under 10 minutes
  • Use with EXT 450 Salt Shield® to clean and reduce the corrosive effects of road salts



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