How to Clean a Bus

Most buses can be cleaned quickly with a high pH (alkaline) detergent, foamer to apply the chemical and a high pressure rinse.

Two-Step Touchless Cleaning:

  • Clean your bus from front to back and in small vertical sections (8-10 feet wide)
  • Step 1: Apply a high pH (alkaline) detergent to the vehicle surface using a Foam Maxx foamer
    • When applying the chemical, foam it on from the bottom of the vehicle to the top of the vehicle
  • Step 2: Allow for a short dwell time 45-60 seconds
    • If you are washing a vehicle outdoors, ensure you do not allow any chemical to dry on the surface of your bus
  • Step 3: Use warm water (90°F – 100°F) for your high pressure rinse and rinse the vehicle section from top to bottom
    • Maintain your high pressure nozzle within 18 inches of the surface and a spray angle of 15° – 45°
  • Repeat Steps 1-3 until your bus is clean.
  • The best high pH product to use for one-step cleaning a commercial bus is HEL100 Hellcat
  • The best high pH product to use for one-step cleaning a school bus is THU100 Thunderbolt


  1. Why do I need a Foam Maxx foamer to apply the chemical?Using a Foam Maxx foamer allows you to put the chemical where you need it. The foam will also remain in contact longer with the dirt/grease/oil to ensure thorough cleaning when you rinse.
  2. What dilution do you recommend?We tell our customers to start the high pH (alkaline) detergent at a strength of 1:20.
  3. What happens if I leave the chemical on and it dries?Streaking will result on the vehicle surface.
  4. Can you show me a diagram of applying top to bottom?

  5. What about a debugger product?You can use a debugger product like EXT372 Bug-Be-Gone. Simply apply on areas with insect residue like a pre-treatment. Without rinsing, continue with either one-step or two-step touchless cleaning.
  6. What is Salt Shield?Salt Shield® is an innovative product manufactured by Ver-tech Labs and proven through independent lab tests to clean road salts better. You can protect your vehicle by cleaning your undercarriage with EXT450 Salt Shield. Apply Salt Shield, allow to dwell 30-45 seconds, rinse and reapply Salt Shield (no second rinse). For buses that are washed on a daily basis, one-step touchless cleaning with EXT450 Salt Shield is an option, talk to your chemical supplier.