Clear Coat Protectants and All Surface Protectants

How Protectants Help You to #CleanBetter in the Car Wash

  • Protectants level fine scratches on the vehicle’s surface.
  • Enhanced smoothness that can be felt
  • Protectants increase surface shine/gloss
  • Hydrophobicity, water repelling characteristic increases
  • Protectants add to the depth of paint color.
  • Paint durability increases.
  • Enhance the customer experience with COLOR, SCENT and DISPLAY

Our best product recommendation is EXT504 Magma Shine.

All surface protectants can be extra services that your customers will buy over and over when they see the shine and can feel the polished surface. Make sure your customers get the wow factor and notice the extra service being applied. The Foam Maxx Profoamer 2 Sheet is a great way to apply Magma Shine – you can buy the Profoamer 2 Sheet through our online store or talk to your Ver-tech chemical representative.