A successful car wash needs good people and equipment, great chemicals and a solid marketing strategy.

Marketing is:

  • Acquiring new customers
  • Keeping current customers
  • Communicating to customers why they should be buying your services

Should you really let just anyone handle marketing for your car wash?

We would like to help you with your car wash marketing activities. Marketing can be a series of simple tasks.

Do you think marketing is signage? You’re only partially right. Bright, vibrant signs will attract customers to your wash. Too many signs or poorly worded signs might confuse your customers. We can help you develop signage that helps you upsell to the customer.

Customers often want to know what they are paying for and printed information is a good method. However, we know a lot of brochures can be expensive to design, print and many of them end up being thrown away. We can help you design flyers that can be printed in your office or locally.

Ver-tech also creates materials such as mini-posters you can print and display on-site. All material we post in our marketing section can be used by you on social media, your website, wherever you’d like!

Do you follow “What’s New” on our website? We regularly post ideas and inspiration about car wash marketing in addition to information about car wash products and carwashing in general. Ver-tech Labs is here to help you with all types of marketing for your car wash.