Clean Better

Are you beating road salt corrosion with Salt Shield? Are you offering Salt Shield 360 in your wash? Find out more from the vehicle washing professionals at Ver-tech.

Meet the Ver-tech carwash chemical experts at the 2017 Care Wash Show Booth 1036, Las Vegas April 4 -6.

At Ver-tech Labs, we provide more than the best truck, large vehicle and car wash detergents and soaps to our customers; we provide comprehensive solutions to Clean Better.

We work together with our customers in the field to develop individualized solutions to cleaning problems. Ver-tech Labs will analyze your chemical delivery system, wash equipment and recommend the proper choice of chemicals. We teach your staff how to use our chemicals and most importantly work with you and your staff in the field until we achieve the desired cleaning results. When you use Ver-tech Labs products, your business will be more profitable. You will have better cleaning results and see savings on chemical costs and labor.


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