At Ver-tech Labs, we provide more than the best truck, large vehicle and car wash detergents and soaps to our customers; we provide comprehensive solutions to Clean Better.

  • We work together with our customers in the field to develop individualized solutions to cleaning problems.
  • Ver-tech Labs will analyze your chemical delivery system, wash equipment and recommend the proper choice of chemicals.
  • We teach your staff how to use our chemicals and most importantly work with you and your staff in the field until we achieve the desired cleaning results.
  • When you use Ver-tech Labs products, your business will be more profitable. You will have better cleaning results and see savings on chemical costs and labor.

Ver-tech Labs manufactures a full line of chemical cleaners and polishes for cleaning/washing cars, trucks, buses, equipment and manufacturing plants. Our product line includes:

  • truck, large vehicle and car wash detergents,
  • low and high pH presoaks,
  • foam detergents,
  • car wash detergents,
  • drying agents,
  • triple foams,
  • clear coat sealers,
  • protectants,
  • tire, rim and wheel cleaners,
  • degreasers,
  • floor cleaners,
  • sanitizers
  • and many specialty products for a variety of industries.

From the routine to the toughest cleaning challenges, Ver-tech Labs has a cleaning solution for you!

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