VSS130 Disinfectant/Sanitizer

VSS 1 Gallon Sanitizer
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  • VSS130 is an EPA registered disinfectant product for commercial/industrial use.

    • The active ingredient in VSS130 is quaternary ammonium.
    • Sold in one gallon concentrate form.
    • One gallon concentrate will make 200 gallons of diluted ready-to-use solution.
    • Requires a contact time (time surface should remain wet) of 10 minutes or allowed to air dry completely.
    • Inactivates numerous pathogens when used as directed.
    • If the user selects exposure conditions that differ from those on the EPA-registered product label, the user assumes liability from any injuries resulting from off-label use and is potentially subject to enforcement action under FIFRA.
    • EPA Reg. No. 6836-266-70732