Ver-tech Labs Truck Wash Salt Shield®

About Salt Shield

Ver-tech Labs Salt Shield is not another underbody rust proofing compound of yesteryear. It is a totally new and different technical marvel designed for application only on the underbodies of cars, trucks, and buses. Salt Shield provides two layers of protection. First, Salt Shield is specially formulated detergent that will clean and neutralize road salts and deicers from the chassis and wiring on the underside of your vehicle. Salt Shield removes winter sodium, calcium, and magnesium chloride deicer salts, even when those salts are mixed with carriers like cheese brine and sugar beet juice. Second, Salt Shield includes chemicals reactive on exposed iron and steel surfaces to provide a barrier film. This protective film prevents sodium, calcium, and magnesium chlorides from corroding iron and steel surfaces. Salt Shield’s protective film grows every time you apply it.

Salt Shield is not a magic fairy. It will not completely remove months or years of undercarriage salt, rust, mud, and dirt build up, but it will begin to start the removal used regularly at recommended concentrations. Vehicles with heavy deposits of road salts and rust can initially be treated with Lightning from Ver-tech Labs for quicker removal. Vehicles washed daily, like buses, should be treated all year long so they can build up a heavier protective film. Less frequently washed vehicles should be treated with a Lightning power blast to remove old salt and dirt build up, followed by an unrinsed application of Salt Shield.

There are any number of “me too” salt remover products on the market, but none like Salt Shield.