When chemicals do not rinse properly, the surface of the vehicle will have a residue that will make vehicles looks hazy and interfere with the performance of carwash products at the end of the wash. Ver-tech Labs products are formulated to rinse better. Better rinsing products allows the carwash to use less water and ensures proper performance of chemicals. We have uploaded a video on Youtube that simulates in the laboratory the application of products on the vehicle surface in a typical wash. A fluorescent tracer dye was added to all products. Once the surface was rinsed, a black light revealed that VTL chemicals rinsed completely and the non-VTL chemicals left a residue on the surface. Applying a drying agent and then doing a second rinse revealed that water broke on the surface as expected on the VTL side. The non-VTL chemicals surface side remained clearly wetter. If you want to clean better, use products that rinse better. Contact the carwash chemicals experts at www.ver-techlabs.com