When you run a busy car wash, it’s hard to find time to sit down and create a post. Here are ten ideas to help you or your social media manager drive traffic to your digital platforms and your car wash. We’ve included a few examples to get the creative thoughts flowing.

1.       Post about your operational hours.

  •  We’re open until 7:30 every night. Stop by after work today.
  • We’re open at 7:00 am daily. Early morning wait times are usually shorter.
  • We’re open 9 to 6 on weekdays; 7 to 4 on Saturdays; 9 to 3 on Sundays.

2.       Advertise your wash packages and any associated specials.

  • Our top wash includes ____, ____, and ____.  Best value at $___.
  • Every wash package with Salt Shield is $2.00 off this Tuesday.
  • We offer wash options for everyone. Package one short description. Package two short description. Package three short description.

3.       Advertise a service or product.

  • Bug-Be-Gone debugger is back. Free for the top wash, $1.00 extra for other wash packages.
  • NEW Wheel Blaster cleaning option for extra dirty wheels. Free for the top wash, $1.00 extra for other wash packages.
  • Choose Magma Shine for long lasting surface protection, unstoppable shine and luxurious surface feel.

4.       Advertise monthly wash packages.

  • You’ll never have to be sorry that it rains on your car within hours of washing. Buy a monthly wash package and come back often.
  • Do you know you can visit the wash all month for the price of 2.5 washes? Buy our ___ monthly wash package, only $___.
  • We have a dedicated entrance line for monthly pass holders. Get through our car wash even faster now with a monthly pass!

5.       Highlight personnel at the car wash

  • Hi – I’m Gary Berry, car wash manager at Super Soapy Clean CW. Got a question? Send us a direct message on this site. I’ll get back to you.
  • Kent Clark received a scholarship to State U and will be studying ocean mapping. Congratulations!
  • Here’s Sally  who loves dogs. If  you have a dog in your car – ask for one of our complimentary treats.

6.       Before and after photos

  • Top wash option had no problem cleaning off caked on mud and road grime!
  • Our wash packages will make your car look unbelievably good!
  • Everyone is happier driving a clean car.

7.       Host a contest

  • Post a photo of you and your clean car for a chance in our drawing for a free monthly pass in (state month)
  • Tell us what time you use the car wash most often and be entered to win three free washes.
  • Looking for the happiest car wash customer(s) – post a photo of you and your clean car – we’ll pick the winner on _______.

8.       Let customers know you are environmentally conscious.

  • Do you know that we recycle and reuse our water saving thousands of gallons of water each year?
  • We use environmentally friendly car wash products .
  • A professional car wash uses significantly less water than washing your car at home. Thanks for saving water and helping our environment.

9.       Let customers see that you are community minded, socially responsible company.    

NOTE: These type of postings will usually be multiple photos over a few days. Look for photo opportunities with the customers.

  • This weekend, we’ll be a collection point for Toys for Tots.   
  • Good job Little Sluggers Softball team, placed second in the Spring Fling Tournament.
  • November 11th, free washes to all veterans and active service members. Thank you for your service.
  • This weekend, fundraiser for the Two Step High School Band.  They’re raising money for band camp. We’ll be donating $___ for every top wash purchased this weekend. Come out for a clean car and supporting T.S. High Band!

      10.  Interesting photos around the car wash.  People working, chemicals being dispensed, employees smiling at the customers .…

  • Great day at ______ car wash
  • Clean cars. Every. Day.
  • We use the best soap to give you the cleanest car.


Remember – short posts with photos are always more appealing to social media users. Break through social media writer’s block with these suggestions and get back to the real work of cleaning cars!

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Lori Vertin | Marketing Director, Ver-tech Labs | lvertin@ver-techlabs.com | 612.616.3828