Manufacturing Expertise — chemicals for carwashes, truckwashes and all types of industrial facilities

Ver-tech Labs manufactures products for cleaning in the toughest environments. Our product line includes detergents, degreasers, surface cleaners, floor cleaners, sanitizers and many specialty products for a variety of industries. From the routine to the toughest cleaning challenges, Ver-tech Labs has chemical solutions for you.

Ver-tech Labs provides a broad range of packaging to meet customer needs. We have ten liquid blending tanks and four powder blenders. Our packaging capabilities include liquid filling from 8 fl oz to 330 gallon totes, tanker truck filling, and powder filling from 6-oz to 400-lb drums. Small and medium runs of products are accommodated. Ver-tech Labs can work with your own formulations or provide customized product solutions for your company.

Bulk Services

Many companies can’t take advantage of tank truck pricing because they lack the facility to hold or store bulk deliveries. Now you can receive bulk truck pricing because VTL will accept your bulk delivery, package your materials in drums or totes, and ship it to your location for only pennies a pound.

Product Packaging

· Regularly scheduled production of standard products
· Short run of a specific product
· Infrequent or difficult to schedule runs of standard products
· Prototype run of a new product
· Extra capacity during peak periods
· Production of lower volume specialty products
· High volume but infrequent run of a specific product
· Pilot manufacturing


· Liquid filling from 8 fl. oz. to 330 gallon totes and a variety of sizes in between
· Tanker Truck loading and unloading
· Small to medium runs accomodated
· Each container can be coded for traceability if needed


· 6 oz. to 400 lb. drums.
· Small to medium runs accomodated


· Custom labels printed with digital color printer, pressure sensitive.
· Pressure sensitive labels can be applied to 4 oz. size.

Shipment of Finished Goods

We can box, shroud, and shrink wrap on four way entry pallets or a pallet of your specification. We also have corner boards available on request.

Private Labeling

· Custom labels printed with digital color printer, pressure sensitive
· Pressure sensitive labels can be applied to 4 oz. size
· Label artwork reflecting your company and your logo
· We can help you differentiate yourself from the competition
· Private labeling can give you more control over pricing

Additional Services

· Formulation optimization – due to regional differences in raw materials
· Formulation development
· Complete shipping and receiving
· Complete order processing and invoicing
· Complete warehousing services