Ver-tech Labs manufactures a professional strength line of truck and fleet washing detergents and aluminum brighteners for touchless cleaning. Our truck wash experts can help you clean better if you are a truck wash owner, owner/manager of a large vehicle fleet, manager of a municipal fleet or a single truck owner. Professional strength chemicals backed up with chemical use expertise.

Fleet washing made simple. Touchless chemical cleaning can help you to wash vehicles better, faster and more economically.

  • Our cleaning products are formulated to remove what the road throws at you – grease, oil, traffic film and other contaminants.
  • We have products to remove oxide accumulations, cleaning metal surfaces and rejuvenating dull, weathered surfaces.
  • Salt Shield® is a proven detergent that will mitigate the corrosive effects of road salts and dust suppressants with regular use.
  • Our average customer lowers their vehicle cleaning time and costs over 25% by switching to Ver-tech Labs chemicals.

Not sure where to start? Our bestselling large vehicle wash products include:

  • HEL100 Hellcat, concentrated, metal safe alkaline cleaner
  • THU100 Thunderbolt, concentrated, metal safe alkaline cleaner
  • TON100 Tonka HD, heavy duty alkaline cleaner
  • STR500 Stryker, ABF/HF free aluminum cleaner and brightener
  • CLE 100 Clean Safe and MOV100 Move Your Asphalt , tar and asphalt removers
  • EXT450 Salt Shield , low pH detergent that removes road salts more thoroughly and mitigates corrosion
  • CIT110 Citric Clean, low pH, metal safe detergent
  • SUP110 Super Alumalite 8% and SUP120 Super Alumalite 20%, aluminum brighteners

Why choose Ver-tech Labs (VTL) for your vehicle washing needs?

  • VTL sales force has over 250 years of vehicle washing experience.
  • VTL has an innovative chemistry team supporting the sales force and customers.
  • VTL listens to our customers and tries to solve your toughest cleaning problems.
  • VTL manufactures high performance products at competitive prices.
  • VTL sells Foam Maxx chemical dispensing equipment.

You can find out more about these products and others formulated with the latest developments in surfactant technology in our Product Section.

Whether you need to wash a fleet of vehicles or one truck, Ver-tech Labs can help you. Contact us today at 877.866.9742 or